How to File a Tax Return the IRS Will Love

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, there’s no denying it. We’re in the season of love. Most know Valentine’s Day as the holiday of romance, the most romantic day of the year for couples (and singles) alike. But if you take the complete opposite of romance, of chocolate, roses, and fine wine, you know what you get? Taxes. So let’s have some fun and talk about how to file a tax return the IRS will love.

To most, taxes are probably the last thing you’d associate with Valentine’s Day. In fact, just thinking about the tax return you have yet to file probably fills you with stress, frustration, and dread.

We may like taxes quite a bit more than your average Joe or Jane. But we don’t think you should let filing your taxes ruin the mood this Valentine’s Day. In fact, this year we want you to rekindle your love with the IRS.

But how can you rekindle the flame of love and make the IRS fall in love with you this Tax Season? The answer is simple: File a tax return the IRS will love.

Today, we’re going to walk you through exactly how to file a tax return that will make any IRS agent’s eyes light up. And most importantly, ensure you maximize your refund while avoiding a nasty audit (the IRS equivalent of a breakup).

File a Tax Return the IRS Will Love

To woo that special someone on Valentine’s Day, you need to pull out all the stops. That means gifts, thoughtful gestures, kind words, and more. In a way, it’s not all that much different to woo the IRS with your tax return. Here’s every step you should take to file a tax return the IRS will love.

File On Time or Early

If you don’t plan ahead on Valentine’s Day, you’re likely to be left out in the cold. Or in the doghouse. It takes quite a bit of coordination to order the flowers, ship any gifts, and nail down a reservation at that perfect restaurant. But it’s more than worth it when you plan the perfect date for the one you love.

Similarly, waiting until Tax Day will probably land you on the IRS’s bad side, too. From gathering paperwork to organizing receipts, spending the time to fill out your tax forms, and sending things out, “last minute” is never the right time to do your taxes.

To file a tax return the IRS will love, you should always try to file on time—or early! All that planning will definitely pay off when you’ve gotten the major stresses out of the way. And you may even end up getting your tax return early, too!

Prepare all the Necessary Documents

Your Valentine’s gift won’t be complete until you wrap it and add a heartfelt message. Even that lovely bouquet you’ve picked up could use a note along with it.

Just like your perfect Valentine’s Day gift isn’t complete without a little bit of paperwork, your taxes won’t be complete without some supporting documents, either. You should never consider your work done just by filling out your information on your tax documents—there’s a lot to be said for gathering the necessary documents, too.

Ensuring you add all the necessary receipts and tax forms you’ve received, as well as any pertinent records, will give you the best shot at wooing the IRS. And reviewing these documents may just be the best way of scoring a few more deductions, as well!

Don’t Wait Until Tax Season

We’re all aware that Valentine’s Day is mostly a commercial holiday. It can be fun to have a day dedicated to showing the one you love that you love them, but we all know that it’s the little things, day in and day out, that will make the heart grow fonder.

If you really want to stay on the IRS’s good side, that means not waiting until Tax Season to think about taxes. There are plenty of small actions you can take year-round to make sure you and Uncle Sam are in perfect harmony.

What are they? Well, for one, you can update your W-4. Keeping your allowances up to date will ensure there are no surprise tax bills when it’s time to file, and you don’t have to wait until you start a new job to do it. Similarly, starting a dedicated account for your tax savings is a good way to ensure you’re never caught off-guard—or in debt with the IRS.

File a Tax Return & Give the IRS a Major Crush

There is no fury like the IRS scorned. Forgive us for being sentimental, but we just love it when our clients have perfect relationships with the IRS. And it’s a lot easier than you may think. By maintaining your documents and treating your taxes with care, you can make sure you file a tax return the IRS will love—even if you file after Valentine’s Day!


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