Ten Reasons Not to File Your Tax Return

Isn’t filing your tax return such a hassle? Why do we do it? Because it’s the law? It’s about time we all took our power back and thought about NOT filing our tax returns. Save yourself the hassle and throw caution to the wind! Read on for some great and thought-provoking reasons to ignore your next filing.

1 You LOVE penalties

Who doesn’t love a good penalty? If you’ve got extra money to throw around, consider not filing your tax return or filing it late. Roll down the window of your car, grab a pile of cash, and let it fly. It’s truly freeing.

2 IRS agents seizing your assets? Sign us up, please!

Since the IRS has the ability to go after certain assets, get ready to take a little weight off your shoulders. Looking to move? The IRS should make that easier for you by seizing and selling your home. What a relief!

3 Rebel, rebel

Admit it—you’re a rebel at heart. You sing David Bowie songs in the shower and you’ve always dreamt of owning a motorcycle. So, why file your tax return? Why pay taxes at all? It’s your right to not have to do what you’re told, so let’s end the cycle now!

4 You like making things hard on yourself

It’s probably a true fact that every easy day makes you weaker. We need to have a bad day every once in a while to balance things out, so consider controlling your own destiny. Looking for some hassle? Stop filing your tax return.

5 Isn’t paying interest the best?

A lot of people go out of their way to pay interest. Student loans and credit cards are much more exciting to deal with when they tack on a little extra to your payments.

6 Reading threatening email is the best part of your day

Do you love getting extra mail? Getting constant notices from the IRS not only ensures that you get mail every day, but it gets your blood pumping. It’s about time you looked forward to checking your mail.

7 Earning money is the worst

If you don’t want to deal with that pesky tax refund, make sure you don’t file your taxes. Take a break from deciding what to do with your refund by doing everything in your power to stop it from happening.

8 Who cares about their credit report?

If you didn’t know, your unpaid debt will appear on your credit report. But who cares? It’s not like your credit report has any effect on your life or future. Let’s stop worrying about things that don’t matter.

9 You have too much property

Sick of owning your home and car? The IRS can seize property if it comes down to it, but it won’t make too much of a difference in your life. If you have too much, why not give it away?

10 Meeting new people is exciting

There’s a big chance you’re going to meet new people and make new friends if you stop filing. You get to talk to strangers on the phone, meet friendly IRS officers, and answer threatening mail. Take advantage of this exciting time and reflect on all it has to offer.

Okay, so we don’t actually think you shouldn’t file your tax return, but wasn’t it nice to think about how awful it would be if you didn’t? Please file your tax return, and if you need help, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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