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We’re the better way to manage your taxes. In fact, Edge Financial is pioneering what it means to be a full service tax provider. We offer representation for tax issues big and small, affordable monthly payments, a pretty amazing online portal for your files, and five star rated customer service.

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We provide turnkey solutions for tax preparation, audit and back tax defense, bookkeeping, payroll and more.

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We’ve been recognized as a leader in our industry, having placed on this years vaunted Inc. 5000 list.

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Let us do the work for you. Our tax attorneys, CPA’s, enrolled agents and tax professionals have you covered, year after year.

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  • "I had the MOST wonderful experience. I dealt with Jack and Ava. Both were very informative, and really took charge of my tax matter."
    Glenda A.
    Atlanta, GA
  • "Thanks to everyone there that helped me and my husband get out of trouble with the IRS and state of Illinois and save over 20k!!!"
    Tricia D.
    San Diego California
  • "My experience was a very positive one. Chris K was very thorough explaining the whole process to me. He was most patient, and very courteous. He put me at ease."
    Lisa Tabella
    Naples, FL
  • "This has been a hassle free experience so far. Getting all the correct forms was easy and the support was top notch!"
    United States
  • "Simple, fair, affordable, and 100% on the money. What more could I ask for in a tax advisor?"
    Nancy P.
    Austin, TX
  • "They managed my audit flawlessly and have managed my books and returns ever since. A goldmine of a find!"
    James C.
    San Francisco, CA

We’re experts in personal & business tax preparation.

Getting your personal and business tax returns filed on time and error free each year is only half the story. We turn over every corner, from deductions to refunds, and help you see the better picture.

Personal Tax Returns
Personal income tax return items we assist with:
  • Federal tax returns

    We file your Federal returns with the IRS each year, along with reporting for all 50 States.

  • Speciality returns

    We handle and prepare specialty returns such as Trusts, Estates, and Gift Taxes.

  • FBAR returns

    For individuals with more than ten thousand dollars in unreported foreign bank accounts, we file FBAR returns to get you current and penalty free.

Business Tax Returns
Business income tax return items we assist with:
  • We’ve got you covered

    Whether your business is a corporation, partnership, or LLC, we got you covered with forms 1120, 1120S, and 1065.

  • Local & specialty taxes

    We handle filing for all local sales and specialty taxes on goods such as food and beverage sales, cigarettes, clothing, etc.

  • Payroll taxes

    If you have employees, we properly report wages and handle the quarterly returns old and new, such as 940’s and 941’s, to keep you penalty free.

We have you covered.

We’re your audit defense specialists.

  • If you have been served notice of an audit, our team of tax attorneys and skilled negotiators will work with you to build a wining defense.
  • Our audit specialists have spent years understanding the audit process, and are skilled in every aspect of appeals and procedure.
  • If we do not agree with the auditors decisions, we will take your case through the appeals process.

Answers to our
frequently asked questions.

  • Do you handle clients in all fifty states?


    Absolutely! Our hard working team can help individuals and businesses in all states, from personal and business tax preparation and planning to mastering their books, and can get your account up and running in no time. And if you just so happen to be local to us in Los Angeles, we serve warm coffee and pastries daily.

  • What if I already have a tax preparer?


    This is why we're in business, to help people just like you find a happy tax home. If for some reason you're just not happy with who you have, no problem. We can get all past records of accounts and have your returns, books or payroll issue managed without skipping a beat.

  • Can you help if I haven’t filed in years?


    Yes! We can go back and pull your master IRS transcripts and find out not only what years you owe for and what returns are missing, but also obtain copies of your income information from those years and get the returns filed and up to date. And since the IRS has filed for you all those years without any deducations, a lot of times this means a refund!

  • I just got a notice of audit. Now what?


    Call us! Receiving a notice of audit is frightening, and can lead to inaction which is generally a bad thing with the IRS. Our audit specialists will step in, get you protected by assuming power of attorney, and allow us time to map out the best option for your defense moving forward.

  • I recently got married to someone who owes back taxes. Am I liable?


    This is a question we get a lot, and the short answer is 'probably not'. If you're married and file jointly, yes, you will both be liable for back taxes, even if you divorce one another. However, for cases where you didn't know there was a liability, we can file for an innocent spouse and petition the IRS to remove you from the obligation, which can be very successful.

  • Can you assume books & payroll from my current provider?


    Absolutely. If you already are using an existing bookkeeper to manage your books or provide payroll services, and are looking to transition, we can migrate all of your records and liase directly with your current provider for a seamless and simplified hand-off.

  • Can I manage everything online?


    Yes, you will be given access to our brand new state of the art online platform where you can chat with your assigned tax specialists, upload files, make comments on projects and manage correspondence. And if you just prefer to do it the old fashioned way with emails and  letters, well, we can do that too.

  • Will I have an attorney on my account?


    For more complicated issues such as back tax and audits, an attorney is placed to help direct the strategy and mediate the items. For other issues such as simple tax preparation and bookkeeping, attorneys are generally not needed and a tax specialist in that field will manage the assignment.

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