Liability Defense

Our staff of attorneys and professionals have spent years understanding the liability landscape, and are well armed to defend you from harm’s way.

Resolve back taxes, fast.

Getting a letter from the IRS or State with an unexpected balance and immediate demand for payment can be challenging and intimidating.

Millions of individuals and businesses nationwide face tax liability issues everyday. Whether you have un-filed tax returns, a garnishment, bank levy, can’t meet your federal payroll deposits, or something else, rest assured we’ve seen it all. Our tax attorneys will roll up their sleeves, stop IRS collections fast, negotiate the amount owed, and put you in a winning position to succeed.

Stop IRS notices

We can stop notices demanding repayment and threatening to garnish wages and bank accounts fast.

End wage garnishments

On average, wage garnishments can be resolved within two weeks, restoring your paycheck in full.

Eliminate penalties

Depending on the cause, we can fight to have all qualifying penalties and interest wiped from the principal amount owed.

Remove bank levies

Debilitating bank levies can be removed and accounts restored to their previous balance quickly.

Defend foreign banking

Unreported foreign bank accounts over $10,000 require immediate FBAR filing and protection to avoid charges

Prepare settlements

We can review, evaluate and determine the best settlement option available, helping to reduce the amount owed.

How it works:

We first consult with you to determine the amounts and years that are owed, assessing the best course of action.
A collection hold is placed on your behalf, stopping most collection efforts quickly and allowing us time to build your case before the IRS.
Your case is presented to the IRS and amounts owed negotiated, along with a request for penalty adjustments.
Once the case is successfully resolved, federal liens will be discharged and your credit report updated.

Answers to common questions
about liability services:

  • Am I liable for my spouse’s tax mistakes and debts?


    If you file a joint 1040, you and your spouse will be liable for 100% of any federal income or tax underpayment for that year. The IRS can potentially go after you to collect the entire unpaid balance, plus any interest and penalties even though you have since divorced. If you were unaware of a pre-existing tax debt, an IRS program exists to help remove spouses from the liability called the 'Innocent Spouse'.  Ask us for more information about how this program works.

  • How come I have tax liability on my 401K withdrawal?


    If you make withdrawal from a traditional defined contribution plan, you’ll have to pay regular income taxes on the money you withdraw  -whether the money came from your contribution, dividends or capital gains.

  • I never filed but the IRS says I owe money


    The IRS will create returns called Substitute for returns in order to assess a tax balance against you based off your income without your credits or deductions. Our legal team will prepare the necessary returns and submit them for processing in order to correct these balances. Often this results in the tax amount being reduced or eliminated altogether.

  • I missed an estimated tax payment, will I owe?


    If you are in business for yourself you are normally required to make estimated tax payments. Estimated tax is used to pay not only income tax, but other taxes such as self-employment tax and alternative minimum tax. If you do not pay enough taxes throughout the year you may be charged a penalty. Additionally, if you owe 941 business payroll tax you must get these quarterly payments filed accurately and on time to avoid business levies and vendor garnishments.

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