About Us

Working for Edge Financial is more than just a career. It's joining a new family.

The Edge Financial Story

We opened our doors in late 2001, and it’s been an amazing journey to where we are now. When we first started out, we hoped to bring a fresh perspective and a simpler, more affordable process to managing those hard-to-scratch tax issues.

Eighteen years later, we’re still at it, helping people and businesses from coast to coast. We love what we do, but more importantly, love what we’ve become. A group of people who not only care about our clients, but one another as well.

Year 2018

Recognized As An Inc. 5000 Company!

Not only did we make the list as one of the top twenty percent fastest growing private companies in America, we’re officially the #1 fastest growing company in Encino, CA – something we’re all incredibly proud to have accomplished!

Our Expansion Continues

After moving into our new corporate headquarters in 2014, we recently expanded yet again onto a third floor, paving the way for more success. Accent colors include lime green with bold orange.



Year 2013

CRM 5.0 Launched

Version five of our proprietary software was a true breakthrough, providing faster service, better results, and quicker response time. How’s that for an upgrade?

Top Rated Nationwide

We’ve earned the highest marks possible from client reviews and ratings from Google, Facebook, the Better Business Bureau, Best Company, Super Money, Trustlink, Solvable and more, making us one of the top rated tax firms in the nation.

We Become a Teenager

Who remembers turning 13? Over a decade in business! Growing pains are always a little awkward, but we managed to grow gracefully into our bigger shoes with more employees, more clients and a brand new 20,000 SF headquarters.

Year 2009

Annual Toy Drive Begins For Children’s Hospital

Our charitable giving has always been something we’ve been committed to as a company, so in 2009 we decided to dedicate our holiday efforts to help kids in need at Children’s Hospital right here in Los Angeles. The drive was so successful, it became a hallmark of our holiday giving each and every year.

First Television Commercial Airs

As milestones go, this one was pretty fun. Our very first commercial. It wasn’t very memorable, it was all text, an announcer read a few lines, and it only aired on a few small local stations, but it was pretty neat watching our company appear on the small screen. No, you cannot Netflix it. This was before ‘streaming’ was even a word.

Year 2005

Tax Return Department Forms

When we started, we thought our primary focus as a company would be resolving lingering IRS issues for our clients. Boy were we wrong. We discovered that most of our clients needed their tax returns prepared, so we started offering this as a service. Years later, it’s the most in-demand service we offer, as we’re able to prepare simple to complex returns at a fraction of the cost of most competing firms.

We Open Our Doors

Excited to be a positive influence in what we thought was a promising sector, we launched our company with high hopes. This was before Google was even a thing yet, AOL was how most people sent email, and our first advertisement was a simple postcard through, yes, the mail. Times have certainly changed, but we are as committed now as we were back then to our wonderful and always diverse client base.

Year 2001

The Edge Financial Culture

Culture is a word at Edge Financial we’ve taken the time to consider. We understand the value a healthy work environment can have, how important accountability can be, and have spent years listening to our employees, paying attention to their needs, and pushing their development.

That means some serious face paint on Halloween. For adults and their kids. It means paid vacations, sick leave, catered lunches, and free K-cups. It means working together to stay on track, keeping it positive, and being inclusive of all cultures. Which we feel creates the right culture.

Honest and transparent

We believe the best you comes out from the best feedback. Not only do we have a pretty killer operating system that provides transparency in real time, we also have some pretty friendly managers to help keep you on track.

Empathic and generous

We care. About your growth, your development, and about you as a person. Over the years we’ve found that this investment in the real you creates the right attitude, which in turn yields the right aptitude.

An exceptional team

Being selected to work at Edge Financial means something. It means you have a bright spot in you that we see, that we want to be around, and that we want to help develop. Together, we are all a reflection of that singular, simple goal.

The Edge Financial Team

Who’s your favorite character from The Office? Michael? Dwight? Toby? Whoever you picked, we definitely have one here. Yes, we’re an eclectic group of like-minded people working with a singular focus: to work hard, be accountable doing it, and have some fun along the way. So if you like office pools each week for football, or annual costume contests where face painting is absolutely allowed, we might just be that perfect fit you’ve been looking for.

"Everyone is positive, welcoming and helpful. I have obtained a wealth of knowledge from everyone in the office."
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Career Opportunities

After building our company for the last eighteen years we're not done yet! We've been growing well over 100% each year, and that means we're looking for people who can roll up their sleeves and tackle work with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. Sound like you? We'd love to discuss more.

Benefits package

To serve the needs of our employees and their families, Edge Financial provides a comprehensive array of traditional health insurance plans. These benefits include a choice of three medical plans, dental insurance and a vision plan.

Paid vacation

Whether it be some much needed fun in the sun or an unforeseen illness, Edge Financial offers all full-time employees a competitive time-off package. This includes paid sick time, a progressive vacation time-away plan and paid holidays.

Company culture

From team spirit days to summer fro-yo pop-ups, Edge Financial isn’t all work and no play. We always make time for silliness and fun. We could tell you about the annual ugly sweater party or costume contests, but we’d like you to experience it firsthand.


Activities and incentives

Our goal is to always be better than the best, but we won’t be satisfied unless we can do it the “Edge” way. We work hard and thrive on competition. Plus, who doesn’t love a little present here and there as a reward?

Career development

Edge Financial is a workplace offering unlimited career potential. With our tuition reimbursement and open career ladder programs, you will have the opportunity to grow within your specific field or branch out to start somewhere completely new.

Lunches, snacks and coffee!

Our kitchens come complete with coffee service, unlimited filtered water and vending machines filled with snacks and drinks for purchase. We also have many food and beverage options within walking distance, so once you’re parked you never have to leave.

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