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The experienced professionals at Edge Financial are your resource for the latest and greatest for all things tax. So check back here often to stay abreast of all recent and emerging tax issues, and if you have a question or just wanna chat tax, we’re ready to help.

About dependents

Are you unsure about who can be claimed as a dependent on your taxes? A dependent must either be a “qualifying child” or “qualifying relative”, with different rules for each. Properly identifying your dependents can significantly impact your return.

Filing status

Determining which filing status applies to you can be confusing, especially when it comes to choosing the one that will least impact your taxes. Visit our ‘Income Tax Filing Status’ page to determine what your filing status is.

Deductions checklist

A Link to all of our Tax deduction checklist based on industry. From Farmers, to Uber Drivers, we have all of the common industries to make sure you are getting that maximum deduction every time.

The latest tax tips and news from
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How Much Do Tax Prep Companies Cost?

“You hate doing taxes, right? We’ll do them for you!” So goes the proposition at the core of every tax preparation service out there. Even online tax prep tools like TurboTax and H&R Block offer operate under a similar assumption. The troub...

Jackpot: 4 Tips for Reporting Your Gambling Winnings

At Edge Financial, we don’t believe that your tax return is a place to take risks; reliable, informed tax strategies will not only give you the biggest tax refund, but will also reduce the likelihood you may be audited by the IRS. But, we understan...

Withhold Your Taxes Like a Pro

There’s nothing worse than an unexpected tax bill. Okay, almost nothing worse. As far as taxes go, however, learning you suddenly owe $50, $500, or even $5,000 isn’t a good feeling. At all. At minimum, an unanticipated tax bill is a minor inconve...

Do You Know Your Taxpayer Rights?

Most taxpayers have never interacted with the IRS outside of tax season. And that makes sense! For most people, the whole process rarely contains more than a couple parts: File your return, maybe cut the IRS a check, and wait for the tax refund to hi...

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