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The experienced professionals at Edge Financial are your resource for the latest and greatest for all things tax. So check back here often to stay abreast of all recent and emerging tax issues, and if you have a question or just wanna chat tax, we’re ready to help.

About dependents

Are you unsure about who can be claimed as a dependent on your taxes? A dependent must either be a “qualifying child” or “qualifying relative”, with different rules for each. Properly identifying your dependents can significantly impact your return.

Filing status

Determining which filing status applies to you can be confusing, especially when it comes to choosing the one that will least impact your taxes. Visit our ‘Income Tax Filing Status’ page to determine what your filing status is.

Deductions checklist

A Link to all of our Tax deduction checklist based on industry. From Farmers, to Uber Drivers, we have all of the common industries to make sure you are getting that maximum deduction every time.

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5 Savvy Financial Resolutions for 2020

How should we start writing our last post of the decade? Just like that, we guess! The 2010s have flown by, and we hope they’ve been good for you. We’re sure there have been ups and downs; we know our audit defense and liability defense clients h...

Organize Your Tax Documents Like an Expert!

As we get closer and closer to the New Year, it’s about time we start looking at the year behind us. Of course, we’re not talking about your resolutions or whether you watched too much TV! We may be serious tennis fans, and we could talk about th...

Avoid Capital Gains When Selling Your Home

If you’re gearing up to move next year, you’ve got some work cut out for you. You’ll need to: Determine your budget Save up for a down payment Decide on your “must haves” Decide on your “nice-to-haves” Pick a neighborhood Get in touch w...

7 Business Travel Expenses You Can Deduct on Your Taxes

All aboard! Or maybe we should say, “You are free to move about the cabin.” Either way, you get the picture we’re trying to paint for you. It’s travel season! As the holidays quickly approach, the reality of holiday travel expenses quickly ap...

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