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American Soldiers Saluting US Flag

“Thank you for your service.” We could all probably say those words more often to thank the servicemen and servicewomen in our lives. They have dedicated their time, intelligence, and passion to putting themselves on the line for our country. Non...

What You Need to Know About HSA Contributions for 2018

The rules have changed yet again for HSA contributions for 2018, as the IRS reverses a rule instated this year. Your Health Savings Account may be an essential part of your financial affairs. And the following details will help you understand how to ...

What You Need to Know About 401k Early Distributions and Taxes...Now

The government encourages all taxpayers to save for retirement, which is why there are taxes imposed for early withdrawals from your 401k. These taxes also come along to discourage using retirement money for anything other than what it was put away f...

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