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Donation money jar filled with coins in front of holiday lights

How should we start writing our last post of the decade about financial resolutions for 2020? Just like that, we guess! The 2010s have flown by, and we hope they’ve been good for you. We’re sure there have been ups and downs; we know our audit de...

Thanksgiving or Halloween Still Life Arrangement with Pumpkin and Leaves

Right around Thanksgiving, we start to get a little sentimental. Truth be told, we love the holidays. Not only do they give us a chance to give back to our communities in Encino and Los Angeles through programs like our annual toy drive for Children...

3 Ways to Protect Yourself from Tax Fraud

Tax fraud isn’t done (solely) by dumpster diving anymore. Data breaches, phishing email scams, and more abound, like the ploy in which thieves pose as tax preparers and the IRS via fake email addresses. This means you need to do more to stay safe f...

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