What Edge Financial Is Grateful for This Thanksgiving

Right around Thanksgiving, we start to get a little sentimental.

Truth be told, we love the holidays. Not only do they give us a chance to give back to our communities in Encino and Los Angeles through programs like our annual toy drive for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, but they also give us a chance to reflect on our clients and the long year behind us.

This year in particular, we’re feeling extra nostalgic around Thanksgiving. After all, the holidays aren’t just a time of gratitude and anticipation for the year ahead; we’re also closing in on the end of a decade!

2010s, we hardly knew ye.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, taking a look back at what we’re grateful for this year—and decade!—we wanted to take a few minutes to look at our clients, our growth, and the inextricable link between the two. Here’s what we’re grateful for.

What We’re Grateful For This Thanksgiving

We’re Grateful for Our Clients

Since Edge Financial opened its doors, our thousands of clients have been the core of what we do, the changes we’ve made as a company, and our team’s reason for braving traffic on the 405 five days a week.

For example, did you know we didn’t initially start out as a tax preparation company?

Far from it! We actually opened up shop with a goal to resolve lingering IRS issues for our clients. However, in our first couple of years, we learned just how many of our clients needed tax preparation help, too! Many of them hadn’t filed for a number of years, and we knew we could solve some of these tax issues before they started if we helped people navigate and optimize their tax returns.

Favorite Reviews

Now, we offer a full range of tax representation services, everything from tax preparation and audit defense to tax debt, payroll management, and book keeping. That was one of the biggest decisions we’ve ever made, and we’re glad it’s made a difference for our clients, too:

“They managed my audit flawlessly and have managed my books and returns ever since. A goldmind of a find!”James C., San Francisco

“Simple, fair, affordable, and 100% on the money. What more could I ask for in a tax advisor?”Nancy P., Austin

“Thanks to everyone there that helped me and my husband get out of trouble with the IRS and state of Illinois and save over 20k!!!”Tricia D., San Diego

To the three of you—James, Nancy, and Tricia—as well as our thousands of clients we’ve worked with this decade, we want to say thank you. You’ve fueled our passion for numbers, allowed us to find creative solutions to complex tax problems, and you’ve sent us on a journey of growth we literally couldn’t be on without you!

We’re Grateful for Our Growth

These last few years have been particularly exciting ones for Edge Financial, because we’ve grown by leaps and bounds. And 2019 showed no signs of slowing us down.

Just this year, Edge Financial has made its way onto some prestigious and exciting lists—for the second year in a row.

  1. Back in August, we were listed as an Inc. 5000 company for the second straight year. This list recognizes the fastest growing private companies in the United States based on their growth over a 3-year period.
  2. In November, the Los Angeles Business Journal named us to its 2019 list of 100 Fastest Growing Private Companies (also our second straight year). We love our community, and we know it’s a huge one, so we were elated to earn the 46th place spot on the LABJ’s annual list!

It’s exciting to be recognized for our growth, but it wouldn’t be possible without our clients’ trust. And it certainly can’t be accomplished without every single person in the Edge Financial team.

We’re Grateful for Our Team

Sadly, we don’t think we’ll ever be able to convey how grateful we are for our team. It’s just too hard to put our gratitude into words.

But we know a few words that accurately describe our team: Smart, empathetic, detailed, kind.

Yes, we may have just about every character from The Office at Edge Financial, but that’s just another thing that gives us character. They’re lovers of the San Francisco 49ers, tennis enthusiasts, and people who take ownership for the work they do. And because we’re growing so quickly, we get the opportunity to seek out new team members week after week.

Our team is growing, and with every new member, we can only grow stronger.

A Season for Thanksgiving and a Decade of Gratitude

With Thanksgiving just in the rearview mirror, we just wanted to say thank you. You’re why we keep doing this day after day, year after year, and decade after decade. We’re always here to help—whatever your tax need may be.

Thanks for being a part of Edge Financial’s journey in tax representation, and thank you for being along for the ride into 2020 and beyond!


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